Top 7 Things To Do In Switzerland You Should Know

12:55 24/10/2022

You’ll quickly see why Switzerland is regarded as one of the most beautiful countries in the world because there are so many exciting things to do, from traveling to the very top of Europe to sailing on Lake Geneva, taking pictures of Chillon Castle, or passing by the breathtaking Rhine Falls on your Grand Train Tour. Here are the top things to do in Switzerland in the summer if you’re thinking about visiting, whether it’s to see the Alps or all the beautiful lakes in Zurich and Lucerne. Let’s follow us to find out right now!

Scream Down The First Flyer

While skiing, we’ve seen a number of amazing things that were part of our lift tickets, but the First Flyer is unique. That’s correct, the Grindelwald First lift ticket includes the opportunity to blast down the slopes while strapped into a harness and traveling down an 800-meter zip line rather than on skis or a board.

You can choose to hang like an eagle over the mountain below, or you can choose the traditional harness in which you sit upright. There are practically never any lineups to ride the flyer in the winter. We’ve been there in the summer as well, and there may be a sizable throng there. This is one of the Things To Do In Switzerland.

Scream Down The First Flyer
Scream Down The First Flyer

Book a hotel with a view

Spending your hard-earned money on a once-in-a-lifetime vacation to Switzerland is expensive, so you may as well stay in one of the world’s most amazing hotels. Due to its stunning infinity pool with a view of the Alps, Hotel Villa Honegg has received a lot of media attention recently (primarily because of Instagram photographs that went viral!).

It doesn’t get much better than this in terms of a room with a view! If this is *a little* out of your price range, then the accommodations in Switzerland listed below are just as spectacular and distinctive but come at a lower cost.

Eat as much Swiss cheese as possible

If you didn’t previously know, you now know that Switzerland is well known for its cheese. Counting how many different kinds of delectable Swiss cheese you may consume while visiting Switzerland is one of the most enjoyable activities you can engage in. Nothing surpasses a meal of cheese, whether it be for breakfast, lunch, or dinner when dining at a posh fondue restaurant, or at a picnic you put up for yourself in the park.

We had dinner at Lausanne’s oldest restaurant, and I can gladly declare that I’ve never in my life had that much cheese in one sitting. It was amazing! It should be mentioned that although it is often known as “Swiss cheese,” Switzerland really has a large selection of delectable Alpine cheeses created from the milk of the world’s happiest cows.

Venture Around Wengen

Venture Around Wengen
Venture Around Wengen

This town with no cars is a well-liked visit all year long. It provides breathtaking views of Switzerland’s largest waterfall as it sits above the nearby Lauterbrunnen valley. In the winter, the little hamlet is bustling with skiers and snowboarders. The Kleine Scheidegg mountain pass leads to Wengen. You can get a train to get into the city. You then board another train and travel to Lauterbrunnen to explore.

Hold a workshop to make chocolate

What should I do in Switzerland on a chilly or rainy day? Yes, even in the summer, the weather isn’t always ideal. How about a session on making chocolate? Although Lausanne would seem like a natural choice—milk chocolate was originally created there, in the tiny village of Vevey, not far from Lausanne, by a Swiss man named Daniel Peter in 1876—we held our workshop in the picturesque town of Interlaken.

Ian and I had a crazy good time melting, mixing, and eating our own chocolate creations at the Funky Chocolate Club, a chocolate-making class and cafe. Finding out where the cocoa beans are from, what the ideal temperature is to make milk and dark chocolate, and all the many ways to decorate your chocolate bar were all intriguing!

Stay at the most beautiful hostels on earth

Hostels are oddly one of the top things to do in Switzerland, regardless of whether you are traveling on a tight budget or not. They are unlike any other backpacker hostels I’ve come across across the world, and many of them are even more beautiful and located in better areas than the hotels that are just next door. We slept in Interlaken’s well-known Balmers Hostel, the country’s first private hostel and home to more amenities than you can shake a piece (of chocolate) at.

A dining space, a nightclub, a sizable patio and garden, a room filled with hammocks, and a recreational area with pool and foosball tables are all present. Our private room was larger than other of the hotels we’ve been at, and the design was definitely distinctive. Even though we didn’t stay at Lauterbrunnen, the hostel there was one of the prettiest in the world, so if you want to go trekking, it could be good to check out for a night or two.

Float around Lake Leman in a riverboat

Float around Lake Leman in a riverboat
Float around Lake Leman in a riverboat

The fact that Switzerland is able to blend old traditions with modernity is one of my favorite things about that country. Despite having some of the most sophisticated banking and technological systems, it nevertheless operates vintage steamships and cog trains.

While in Switzerland, we had the pleasure of enjoying two different steamboat excursions, but our favorite was a century-old voyage around Lake Leman, now known as Lake Geneva, passing through picturesque lakeside communities like Montreaux, Vevey, and Port Valais. When the majority of visitors have already departed in September, this is one of the nicest things to do in Switzerland.


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