Best Things To Do In Bangladesh

11:10 19/02/2021

Bangladesh has never been the hot tourist destination its neighbour India can claim to be, but here at Wild Frontiers you can love nothing more than exploring off-the-beaten-track countries before they do inevitably succumb to the curiosity of the masses. There are plenty of reasons to visit Bangladesh but we’ve summed up the very best of this naturally beautiful land – home to tigers, tea plantations and the friendliest people in the world. Here are 8 best things to do in Bangladesh.

8 best things to do in Bangladesh

1. Sundarban Tiger census in Sundarbans to confirm population by 2019 | Dhaka Tribune

The Sundarbans, sets at the top of all thinks to do in Bangladesh. This is the biggest mangrove forest in the whole world and home of Bengal Tigers. It is located in the south western part of the country. The usual tour takes 03 full days inside the jungle, living in the tourist vessel and exploring the deep jungle by country boats. It is better to travel in small group to get the best experience of living in forest.

2. Srimangal

Srimangal Day Tour: Best of Srimangal on a Single Day | Nijhoom Tours

If you love nature, explore culture and experience a relaxed Eco life for few days, Srimangal is the best place to be in Bangladesh. Srimangal is famous for having green lashes of tea garden, reserve forest, hidden waterfalls, natural birds inhabitate, ethnic communities. For accommodation you have verity of options for living inside tea garden to luxury resorts to eco resorts. You want to cycle around in green tea gardens, chip the 07 lays tea, do jungle and hill trekking, explore a bit of wild life and many more activities. Srimangal is the best place to be in the nature …

3. Dhaka

Dhaka - Wikipedia

Not for the faint of heart, Dhaka is teeming. Undulating throngs of people and traffic might be the part that stands out the most but look beyond this and you’ll find a city bustling with friendly, intrigued people who would go out of their way to help. Really all it takes is a moment of acceptance and a decision to go with the flow and you’ll see. There’s always character to be found in buzzing cities like this and if you head to Old Dhaka, you’ll find plenty there.

4. Brass & Pottery Village near Dhaka

Brass and Pottery Village Tour - Travel and Explore BD

If you are interested in authentic art work and would live to explore the country side life in short tour to Bangladesh then explore Brass and Pottery workers village near Dhaka in a day trip. You can have a look at country side life in Bangladesh along with art and craft works, then a day tour in Dhamrai could be a perfect getaway. Get hands on experience on pottery works and explore the rich metal and brass worker heritage of 200 years

5. The Chittagong Hill Tracts

Best Things To Do In Bangladesh

Bordering both India and Myanmar, this region differs from the rest of predominantly Islamic Bangladesh in that 65% of its Buddhist population is concentrated here. So, naturally, there’s no better place for the biggest Theravada Buddhist temple in the country, the Buddha Datu Jadi, rising towards the sky in all its golden glory. What you’ll also find here is a distinct variety of people and landscapes, which really highlight its proximity to Myanmar.

6. Somapuri Vihara

Best Things To Do In Bangladesh

Unlike India, Bangladesh doesn’t have a huge amount of UNESCO Heritage Sites. In fact, there are just three, the Sundarbans being one, and the ruins of the Buddhist Vihara at Paharpur being another. At 1300 years old, the imposing red-brick stupa was the epicentre of this monastery complex. The site, covering 27 acres, consists of about 177 monastic cells, areas that were once living quarters and meditation rooms for monks. Around the base of the stupa, you’ll see well-preserved clay tiles carved in the shape of people and creatures posing.

7. Nijhum Dwip

Deer sanctuary in Nijhum Dwip threatened! | Dhaka Tribune

Nijhum Dip’ means the island of tranquility. Yes, it is a remote river island at the bank of by river Meghna and  Bay of Bangal. An island filled up with open deers living side by side with community, thousand verities of birds and a beautiful white sand beach. The island surrounded by green lashes of forest and mangroves and quite and serene environment of Nijhum Dwip. The place really heals any heart that is hurt, any boredom that seems incurable.

8. Chittagong City

Best Things To Do In Bangladesh

Chittagong, the port city is the second largest city of Bangladesh. The city is blended with natural beauties like green hills, rivers and sea beaches. There are number of stablishment of British Period like court building, railway HQ, circuit house along with World War II cemetery which are the post popular tourist attractions in Chittagong.

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