Best Things To Do In Helsinki

04:28 07/03/2021

Finland’s capital was founded in the 16th century but the city you see today really materialized in the 1800s. This was when the Russians laid out Helsinki along comparable lines to St. Petersburg, with its broad streets and also neoclassical manors. A little earlier the Swedes had actually completed Soumenlinna, an ambitious sea fortress that was intended to keep the Russians away. This massive task is still intact and is just among a brochure of interesting things to find in Helsinki. Find time to see some modern-day style as well; the Temppeliaukio Church runs out this world. Let’s discover the best things to do in Helsinki.

Finest Points to Do in Helsinki (Finland).
Helsinki Basilica.

The tall eco-friendly dome of this spots overlooks the Helsinki cityscape, and also from the water at night itseems to beam like a beacon.

Whatever your factor for checking out Helsinki, this whitewashed neoclassical basilica is one of the views you need to have a look at.

When it was developed it in the mid-19th century was called St. Nicholas’ Cathedral, in honour of the Russian Tsar Nicholas I that was likewise Grand Fight it out of Finland.

After Finnish freedom in 1917 it simply ended up being Helsinki Basilica.

Temppeliaukio Church.

Safe to state there aren’t numerous churches worldwide rather such as this one.

Temppeliaukio was the result of a post-war layout competitors, won by Suomalainen Brothers as well as was inaugurated in 1969.

The structure is partly below ground and also has been hewn from the bedrock, which creates the indoor walls.

Around the main dome is a round skylight, where sunlight floodings into the primary chamber during the day.

Every item of decor as well as furniture inside this impressive church was made by the designers.

Approaching it along Fredrikinkatu, the wide copper dome of Temppeliaukio Church will certainly appear like some type of alien intrusion.

The Market Square.

Possibly the starting point that travellers will certainly see when showing up in the old town of Helsinki will certainly see– if you’re not as well busy indulging in a wonderful cup of renowned Finnish coffee — is the harbour and also Market Square.

This port location is one of the epicentres of life and also commerce around, and a genuine spots of Helsinki as a whole. It’s below that residents gather to sell their finest items, providing fresh fish and also Finnish specialties like reindeer horns, handcrafted jewelry, wooden cups, as well as reindeer hides.

The Baltic Herring Market at the beginning of October is the best time of year to go to the square, and the close-by Market Hall is open all the time for local flavours and also unique mementos.

The Church of Silence.

Kamppi Chapel of Silence is a sanctuary of quietude in the midst of Helsinki’s vibrant city centre. The church is little yet cozy as well as tranquil, and the thick wood wall surfaces, constructed from Nordic spruce, function to enhance the depth of the silence inside.

Stepping into the primary space reveals wooden benches and a remarkable altar holding a thin, steel cross as well as a dish. What’s more, the building is constructed in a fantastic circular form that represents the elevation of building development in real Scandinavian design.


The fortified islands of Suomenlinna are a part of Helsinki, which seems remote, but is in truth easy to reach by a 20-minute ferryboat flight, utilizing the very same ticket when it comes to buses as well as cable cars. The citadel of Sveaborg (Swedish Castle) controls the island. It was constructed in the mid 18th century to bar Russian access to the Baltic.

Throughout the Swedish-Russian war of 1808-09, it fell to the Russians, who thereafter enlarged and enhanced it. In 1918, it entered Finnish hands and was offered the Finnish name of Suomenlinna (Finnish Castle). During the 1950s and 1960s, it was turned over by the military to the civilian authorities, and also since then has been brought back and transformed for cultural and recreational usage.

It is now consisted of in UNESCO’s listing of world heritage monuments as well as is a museum, a park, and also an arts venue. The location is open a lot of the year however hours as well as ferryboat gain access to vary, so make certain to see the website for the most recent information.


East of the city center is the island of Seurasaari, related to the mainland by a footbridge. It has a fascinating al fresco gallery with old homes, farms, a manor house, a church from Kiruna (1686 ), and other timber structures that have actually been brought right here for all parts of Finland.

This is the area to discover exactly how Finns lived long ago, prior to the modern-day age. Nearby, at Meilahti 7, is an old lumber residence now inhabited by the Friends of Finnish Handicrafts, with an exhibit of rye carpetings and also other typical textiles. Visitors can watch the weavers at work.

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