Best Things To Do In Karachi

11:16 24/02/2021

Karachi, which was once the prehistoric humble abode of Sindhi fishermen, is now a roaring urban economy that sustains the country with its large seaports. Always up and running, the streets of Karachi are a cacophony of colourful buses, impatient people and the infectious energy of its daily hustle. But are there any attractions here that will make you forget all the chaos? Here are the best things to do in Karachi, Pakistan.

Best Things To Do In Karachi

Tooba Mosque


The Masjid-e-Tooba or Tooba Mosque is known to the people of Karachi as “Gol Majid”, which literally translates into the Round Mosque. It is a beautiful display of modern architecture and situated in Phase 2 of DHA. The regional name of the mosque comes from the beautiful dome which has a diameter of almost 65 meters and does not rest on a pillar, but on the low lying walls of the mosque.

The beauty of this Mosque is in its simplicity. It is a wonderful experience looking at the beautiful mosque in all of its white brilliant grace. A number of locals, as well as tourists, love going to the mosque and praying there.

Visiting the beautiful beaches

Karachi is a coastal city and borders the Arabian Sea. It has some of the prettiest beaches which have attracted tourists for ages. There are several beaches in the city – and you can either go through all of them one by one if you are an ocean lover or simply take your pick from the amazing options available.

Spotting turtles at the famous Turtle Beach of Karachi is a favorite thing for locals and tourists. Cape Monze Beach is a beach and home to the endangered water species of the Arabian Sea, including the Indus River dolphins. The serene atmosphere of these beaches is sure to invoke the spirit of nature in you.

PAF Museum

Pakistan Air Force Museum - Wikipedia

If you like aircrafts and all things aeronautic, then the Pakistan Air Force Museum is a must-visit. It is home to many aircrafts, like planes and jets and radars and weaponry that have been used by the Pakistan Air Force throughout the years, especially during the 1965 war with India. Nearby, there are World War 1 and 2 scale models and some modern planes on the display as well. There are also food options in the main park and many places to relax in the gardens.

The ruins of Bhambore

The prehistoric city of Bhambore dates back to the 1st century BC and was constructed during the Scytho-Parthian era. Later, from 8th to the 13th century, it was controlled by Muslims before being abandoned to date. The ruins and one of the earliest known mosques in the world, dating back to 727 AD, can still be found here.

Empress Market

The Empress Market is a colourful but chaotic market that sells everything and anything. It’s a cool attraction to visit early in the morning to avoid rush hour. All imaginable groceries, live animals and pets, textiles, stationery and many other things can be bought in the foyers and interiors of this colonial-era structure. The building is named after the then Empress of India, Queen Victoria.

Pakistan Maritime Museum

Pakistan Maritime Museum Karachi ( 18.07.2010 ) - YouTube

This navel museum is among the city’s best attractions as it gives visitors a chance to see a real submarine, along with several aircrafts and different artillery of the yesteryears that were used by the Pakistan Navy. There is also a six-gallery indoor museum that educates visitors through murals, relief sculptures and dioramas.

Hindu Gymkhana

Other than being a spectacular colonial-era building, the Hindu Gymkhana is a sporty social club. It also hosts NAPA, or the National Academy of Performing Arts, an art school that also showcases plays for wider audiences. Check it out, whether it’s for a cup of tea in a vintage atmosphere or to attend a mesmerizing drama performance.


Mazar-e-Quaid is also known as the Jinnah Mausoleum or the National Mausoleum. Around the mausoleum is a park fitted with strong beamed spotlights, which at night project light on the white mausoleum. Fifteen successive fountains lead to the platform from one side and from all sides, terraced avenues lead to the gates.

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