Why Do You Need An iPad Dash Kit in Your Car?

03:52 04/10/2022

One of our favorite things to construct is the iPad Dash Kit! The best customers are those of Audio Designs and Custom Graphics. For their automobiles, trucks, motorbikes, and boats, we get to construct outstanding audio systems. Our customers are in awe of the incredible subwoofer enclosures and stylish amp racks we create. Installing an iPad in the center console or dash is a recent possibility. Let’s follow us to examine why iPad Dash Kit is such a fantastic choice.

Why do You Need An iPad Dash Kit in Your Car?

Simple User Interface

Having an iPad put in your dash has an obvious air of coolness about it. One or two touches on the screen will take you directly to your music in a matter of seconds thanks to the huge display and simple design. It can do so much more than simply play music because it’s an iPad. From Pandora, Radio, Slacker, Spotify, or TuneIn Radio, you may stream audio. As soon as you reach your location, you may start watching YouTube or log into Facebook. All you need is an iPad with cellular capability or data sharing to your mobile device.

Unbroken Integration

Why do You Need An iPad Dash Kit in Your Car?
Why do You Need An iPad Dash Kit in Your Car?

We can design an audio system using your iPad and an amplifier that runs separately from the stock radio. The sound quality enthusiast can even play back high-resolution audio files. If you’d prefer something a little more distinctive, we could mount a Sony radio beneath or below the iPad and let you operate every feature using the app remote that comes with the radio. With this approach, you may easily access the tuner, CD, and USB sources from the iPad’s screen.

The iPad makes navigation a breeze. You may use Google Maps, Apple Maps, or the fantastic Waze app. You and other Waze users may exchange real-time traffic flow data. You will know exactly when you will arrive at your location, to the minute. Searching for Points of Interest (POI) is simple since you have access to the whole Internet, and you can see where you’re going using Google Street View before you even left your driveway.

It Appears to Be a Part of

We can create a unique housing for your iPad using our CNC machine and then incorporate it into your dash. To fulfill your iPad fantasy, we can move factory controls if necessary. Even though it may not appear to be possible, an iPad will fit; stop by and we will talk about your alternatives. If you’re short on space, an iPhone 6 or 6 Plus is another choice that provides the same exceptional and outstanding outcomes.

Integration of the iPad Dash Kit is Cheaper Than You Think

Integration of the iPad Dash Kit is Cheaper Than You Think
Integration of the iPad Dash Kit is Cheaper Than You Think

Customers often hesitate to inquire about iPad integration because of the price. While bespoke work is never free, the cost of getting an iPad integration and adding a multimedia head unit with navigation is comparable. You won’t ever have to pay for map updates again if you have an iPad. Google, Waze, and Apple Maps always have the most recent information available.

After a few years, that’s another $100 to $150 in your pocket. Software upgrades for your iPad and all of your apps are quick and simple. You may update your iPad without a cellular data connection by taking it to your workplace or home and using the Internet connection there. When you get to your location, just slip the iPad out of the dash. It will be fully charged and prepared for a presentation, luncheon, or meeting.

What Size Tablet Works Best in Your Car for an iPad?

The size of the iPad that you mount in your automobile is one of your most crucial selections. A full-sized iPad may add some glitz to your dashboard, but it may also be rather eye-catching. Consider the iPad Mini. Its size fits the majority of applications adequately. Additionally, it is simple on the pocketbook.

The “double DIN” dashboard units that are mounted are 8 x 4 inches. Their touchscreen screens are typically larger than seven inches. That size is suitable. It is about equivalent to the high-resolution Retina display of the iPad mini 4, which is 7.9 inches in height.

Advice on Keeping an iPad Dash Kit in Your Car

Phone mounts are suitable for phones and other tiny gadgets. However, an iPad, iPad mini, or Android tablet requires a more secure configuration. There are various iPad mini tablet automobile mount kits available. The most typical solution is to utilize a large phone holder. This item may be quick and simple to install in the short run, but it is not the cleanest or safest option.

Advice on Keeping an iPad Dash Kit in Your Car
Advice on Keeping an iPad Dash Kit in Your Car

Tablets are significantly heavier than smartphones. You must secure the iPad-mounting equipment to the automobile to prevent it from becoming an airborne hazard. The tablet must be completely secure within the mount. Bolted-down mounts are more secure than stuck-on mounts.

However, a lot of the more sturdy mounts seem unsightly. An iPad may be incorporated into the dashboard with a little work. The task is made possible by an aftermarket tablet vehicle mount kit.


Visit our website today if you’re seeking for iPad Dash Kit that is both user-friendly and distinctive. We can examine your car, assess how you want to use your iPad, and get you a free estimate on a bespoke dash mount right immediately. To find out more, get in touch with us here.


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