Microsoft Surface Pro 9 Review: Microsoft Flips to 5G

11:44 22/11/2022

The new Microsoft Surface Pro 9, which delivers both its Windows-on-Arm and Intel-based platforms within the same hardware design, is the culmination of Microsoft’s most significant triumphs and learned lessons. Users now have a fair playing field to select from regardless of which of the two architectures they desire, despite the loss of the Surface Pro X designation. Let’s follow us to find out Microsoft Surface Pro 9 review in this post!

Design: Microsoft Surface Pro 9

The Surface Pro 8’s design achieves the dual goals of being immediately recognizable and a major upgrade. Although it is only available in Graphite or Platinum (silver), the magnesium alloy construction nevertheless has a fantastic appearance and feel (black). A matte finish adds grip and shields against visible fingerprint smudges. Additionally, it means that the Pro 8 is comfortable to use as a tablet without a case, however, due to its weight of 891g, you’ll want to put it down while using it for an extended amount of time.

The integrated kickstand fills this role. It covers the entire width of the device’s back and allows for configurations that range from completely vertical to just slightly elevated off the table. Although there are no differences between this and the Pro 7, it feels remarkably strong and solid thanks to a durable metal hinge. It is followed by some official branding and a door leading to the detachable SSD, which is only offered in 128GB and 256GB variants. The only other noteworthy element on the back of the smartphone is a single 10Mp rear camera, indicating that Microsoft has maintained a minimalist design ethos here.

Design: Microsoft Surface Pro 9
Design: Microsoft Surface Pro 9

Nice pictures can be taken in good lighting situations, but exposure issues frequently arise and dynamic range is frequently inadequate. Although possibly not much more, it is good for document scanning and reference. Since the 5Mp front-facing lens is of comparable quality, it is a fantastic choice for video conversations. It can record in 1080p, which is a quality that many laptop webcams still can’t match. Many Surface computers have this as a strong suit, especially when used with two studio mics.

The Pro 8 supports Windows Hello face unlock because of the separate infrared lens that is located next to it. This works incredibly well and is simple to set up; if you use spectacles, an additional scan is advised. As there is no fingerprint scanner on the tablet itself or either of the compatible keyboard coverings, it is your sole choice for biometric unlocking. A larger 13-inch display can fit into virtually the same footprint thanks to substantially smaller bezels, which is the main design improvement you’ll undoubtedly notice. Despite the tablet physically being much lighter, it now feels more similar to a laptop than ever before.

Screen & Speakers: Microsoft Surface Pro 9

Although the Surface Pro 7’s display wasn’t particularly poor, Microsoft has given it top priority to be improved. As I alluded to before, the screen has grown from 12.3in to 13in, but the aspect ratio is still 3:2. This “PixelSense Flow” display now boasts a new 2880 x 1920 resolution even though it is still LCD and not OLED. The true game-changer in this situation, though, is the 120Hz refresh rate. Along with the Surface Laptop Studio, it is the first Microsoft device to support a refresh rate higher than 60Hz, albeit you will need to manually modify it in Settings. On desktop PCs, it offers a fast, silky-smooth experience that is possibly even more remarkable than on smartphones.

Screen & Speakers: Microsoft Surface Pro 9
Screen & Speakers: Microsoft Surface Pro 9

Microsoft marketed the Dynamic Refresh Rate (DRR) feature, which would allow the Surface Pro 8 and a few other devices to dynamically alter the refresh rate in reaction to the surroundings, during the launch of Windows 11 in 2021. This should help to preserve battery life even if it is still not readily available as of the writing of this article in March 2022. The Pro 8 still comes with two dual 2W stereo speakers, which are output through sizable grilles on either side of the device. You might not expect sounds this loud and substantial from a device of this tiny, yet they do.


One of the first devices to ship with Microsoft’s operating system out of the box was the Surface Pro 8, which debuted around the same time as Windows 11 Despite not receiving preferential treatment over other Windows device makers, the Surface is one of the earliest to receive new updates.

Microsoft has fixed many of the issues with Windows 11 since its release, but it still has a drastically different look and feel from Windows 10. Additionally, there is no tablet mode, which makes using the touch screen to navigate feel less natural than using the mouse. Although it’s still useful, you’ll need to be patient and get used to Windows 11’s quirks if you’ve never used it before. Though recent advancements suggest Microsoft is prioritizing touch input, it might feel much more optimized in a few months.

Battery Life & Charging: Microsoft Surface Pro 9

As per usual, Microsoft did not specify the Pro 8’s battery capacity, but SurfaceTip states that it is a 50.2Wh cell. That apparently represents a significant improvement over the Surface Pro 7+’s 43.2Wh battery while being slightly less than the Surface Pro 7+. Microsoft promises to give you “up to 16 hours of regular device usage,” but it doesn’t elaborate. In our 720p video loop test, it came in at 12 hours and 39 minutes, just shy of that claim.

Battery Life & Charging: Microsoft Surface Pro 9
Battery Life & Charging: Microsoft Surface Pro 9

With the brightness set to a relatively low 120 nits, this only serves as an indicator of screen-on time. The battery-saving mode was not enabled, and the refresh rate was set to the industry-standard 60Hz. Battery life will be impacted by changing any of these factors, but a full workday on a single charge is certainly within reach. If you stick with 120Hz, that’s in jeopardy, but the new Dynamic Refresh Rate feature ought to let you have the best of all worlds.

Bottom line

The gadget for which many people have been waiting for years is the Surface Pro 8. With a larger display and slimmer bezels, Microsoft has finally redesigned its design, making it more resemblant of a conventional laptop than ever. Despite not being OLED, the stunning screen now has a 120Hz refresh rate and excellent performance from 11th-generation Intel chips. The excellent video calling experience, long-lasting battery, and powerful speakers are other advantages. Although the Pro 8’s new Signature Keyboard and Slim Pen 2 are great add-ons, they also represent the root of the problem. Microsoft anticipates that the full experience will cost hundreds of pounds or dollars more on top of the higher starting price.


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